The deafening sound of silence

You've heard The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel, right? Classic 60s tune. The other day, this version popped up in my Facebook feed, by a metal band called Disturbed. I'd never heard it before, or heard of them. I've since been playing it (almost) on a loop... it's one of the most beautiful [...]

Facebook algorithms know me well. The other day, an advert popped up showing me cat bodysuits. Not catsuits, you understand; bodysuits with cats on them. I don't know if you've ever seen my tights with cat faces on them... but rest assured, this clothing is very me. So I followed the link out of curosity [...]

We're restoring an 18th century cottage. I may have mentioned it once or twice. After all the hard work over the past couple of months up in the attic, we were finally ready for the lime plaster to go on – and yesterday, they finished! It looks amazing. I nearly cried. Because I couldn't even [...]

Sell them the dumplings, not the swords

What are the chances a big fat panda could become the Dragon Warrior, huh? Slim (if you'll excuse the pun) to none, you'd assume. But in Kung Fu Panda, that's just what happens. Noodle seller Po is selected by a wise old tortoise to become the valley's next Dragon Warrior, ready to save the world [...]

Below is one of my favourite business quotes. But, it's not from one of the usual gurus: Tony Robbins, or Seth Godin, or Richard Branson. Or anyone else most people would expect to hear world-class business advice from.  Nope. It's from the Joker. Yeah, that Joker, from the film Batman: The Dark Knight. And the advice [...]

I  don't know about you, but I used to struggle to focus. Or, at least, I thought I did. The truth is, I've always focused just fine... when I picked something to focus on.  My problem, more often than not, was distractions. Deciding what came first. Setting a priority. So how did I fix this? Well, I [...]

The 10 commandments of landing pages

Nobody wants to make a crash landing in unfamiliar and hostile territory when they’re travelling. It’s the same when they’re using the web.   So you have to make sure the most important pages on your website are doing a good job. But which are the most important pages on your website, you may be wondering? Well, [...]

Not so terrifying after all…

Well, I did it! Last week, I spent the day with a wonderful makeup artist and photographer, and we did a photoshoot. I was so nervous to start with, and it didn't help that I forgot to pick up the key to the pole studio, so I had to rush home after getting my hair done, and [...]

People don't buy a product or service for what it is. They buy an experience. Here's an example: our hotel in Kalymnos.  We couldn't get into the hotel we really wanted, the one we stayed in last year. Hotels here tend to be fairly basic, and the one we stayed in last year wasn't. It [...]

Would you give an answer you knew to be false if it meant you'd fit in? Chances are, you would.  In the 1950s social psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a classic experiment that showed just how a person in society is. This experiment has been repeated in various forms many times since. I’d wager it’s even [...]