Why you should always sniff your experts

Would you eat regurgitated fish? Are you a penguin? Sometimes I think the business world is just filled with baby penguins, gorging on regurgitated information.  Information that was useful and interesting, once... but now it's like chewed-over fish, vomited out by self-professed "experts" who don't really understand it. It's easy to fall for it, too, [...]

Fitness instructors: size 8? Ripped? Model bodies and perfect lycra-clad buttcheeks? Bollocks to that. If you're 50lb overweight, is that really what you want to see? A perfect specimen of fitness model harrassing you while you know your back fat is squeezing out from under your bra and desperately trying to escape? Nah. What you [...]

I looked up with a start. Whiskey had done one of her experiments in gravity and pushed a candle holder off the bookcase.  Perhaps it was her way of telling me to go to bed because I realised, with a jolt, that it was past midnight. Joe had long-since gone to bed, and I was [...]

It’s too hot for elephant suits

So, the other morning it was about 23ºC here in the Shire. We went to parkrun as usual. Not as usual, I ran it in my elephant suit. Oof. It was pretty bloody warm. But I now feel like I deserve my Enormous Elephant Run medal and all the cash from the kind people who've [...]

The freedom to do… ?

I've been jumping up and down in impatience over the past couple of weeks, because I'm itching to get started on refurbishing The Dingle. But I've also managed to fill up every weekend with things to do... then, when the weather is good, it seems a shame to waste it indoors.  Which means we've not [...]

Are you being heard, or just making noise?

If you have something important to say, isn't the most important thing of all that your message gets heard? And not just heard, but understood?  I'd say so. Which means you need to consider whom you're talking to. So many organisations struggle with this, because they're mired down by this incorrect idea that to do [...]

Teachers should always be learners

Wow I got a lot of replies to my post about reading yesterday. Thank you for all the book suggestions – my "to read" list has swelled considerably.  I also received a fair number of replies telling me that my book Business For Superheroes was on the go, or always on the table ready to refer [...]

“Readers are leaders, always”

What are you reading at the moment? I’ve always got at least two books on the go. One for business or personal development, and one for fun. And, of course, the fun one is also good for personal development. I’m asking what you’re reading partly for selfish reasons (I’m always on the lookout for a [...]

Have you ever seen Legally Blonde? It's one of my little-bit-guilty pleasures and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.  A while ago, I read an email from a marketer I admire (Mary-Rose “Wildfire” Maguire) and she pointed out a scene I hadn't really thought about much before, and how it relates to [...]

Everyone loves criticising stuff, and I'm no different. I try to avoid criticising other people, because really we have no idea what journey they're on. We only see the outside.  But other adverts, landing pages, and articles? Well, in that arena I know whereof I speak, and so they're fair game. I was in the [...]

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