Business Coach

The secret horse-race marketing plan

The horses thundered past, ears pricked, manes and tails streaming out, and the little two-wheeled bikes bouncing along the track behind them. I'd never been harness racing before, so last night was a first.  Another first was standing next to Dan Kennedy as he explained the ins and outs of harness racing. Yep: Name drop [...]

The beige business suicide squad

"Nice milkbottles, four-eyes! Are you blind?" Much of my childhood consisted of hiding from that kind of shit. To the extent where wearing my glasses in public still causes me an almost physical pain. And that was just the start of it... because standing out at school is baaaaaaad news, right? Right. We're hardwired to [...]

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Everyone's out to get me! There's nothing I can do to bring in more sales!"  ORLY? You don't have to be an accountant with a sniper rifle to get on in life. But it helps. So I was watching the film The Accountant on the plane on the way to Cleveland yesterday, and -- [...]

Pre-brain-mashing Prosecco and eyeshadow

"You see, I don't want to look like someone went mental with blue eyeshadow and a blow-torch." To be fair to her, she didn't bat an eye -- she may laugh with her colleagues later -- but she was completely delightful to me as I sat down in her chair and explained that I'm 37 [...]