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Wisdom from Pink Leopard on a Mission

I had an email from a Pink Leopard the other day. She's reading my book and emailed me in response to a question I ask in it. Why do you do what you do? What drives you?  Here's what she said: "Hi Vicky, Started reading my (your) book and I'm loving it so far...and I [...]

Angry Marketer shouts at radio

Do you ever shout at the radio? Wouldn't catch me doing that. Ahem. But this morning, I was yelling YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! and punching the air as I listened to the BBC Inside Science podcast. The presenter was interviewing the Angry Chef, who basically spends his life debunking all the bullshit diets the weight loss industry touts to unsuspecting [...]

The motivational pants of poverty

Brace yourself: a rant is coming... About motivational mindset pants.  I'm interviewing a rather splendid lady today for my podcast. Her name's Stefanie Arroyo, and she runs a group call Marketing, NOT Mindset.Somewhat amusingly, she changed the name of her group fairly recently to focus on marketing, not mindset... and a bunch of her members got [...]

Love doesn’t pay the bills, toots

I've just come up for air. From total immersion in a book. A real, honest-to-megatroyd, hardback book of short stories by Stephen King: The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  The stories are mostly superb, but I'm totally buried in one particular story -- longer than most -- called Ur. It's about the Kindle, written when the [...]

Want an extra 20 hours a month?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is... identify your mission. Because if you don't have a mission, you're drifting aimlessly along, taking customers here and there, but never really getting anywhere. Today, I want you to think – really think – about why you're doing what you do. Not just why your [...]

All hail the bullshit bingo meter: good things come to those who wait. Ever wanted to bitch-slap people who come out with that inanity? Yep, me too.  I want to shriek "NO NUMBNUTS GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK FOR THEM" But like all clichéd inanities, there's some truth in it. Patience is a [...]

Dropping a value bomb on yo’ ass

Today I'm giving you a little nugget of pure gold. Way more value than I should give away free... and it doesn't happen often. So listen up. Come closer. Pull up a chair... And I'll tell you a tale of lost money and easy wins. I had an accountant. A firm of accountants, in fact, [...]

Get your mind-blowing wordgasms here

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "mind blowing"? Because my mind goes directly to the bedroom.  So it was extremely gratifying when Shahilla wrote this about being a Member of my Small Business Superheroes Crew: "My first critique from Vicky was really valuable… but the second was mind [...]

How to escape the business battery farm

The heaving writhing mass of feathers and beaks gradually became individual chickens. Like one of those magic eye pictures. It was enough to make your heart hurt: the poultry industry is a trade in misery.  Pack as many in as possible, so they can barely move. Never see the sunshine. Never see the sky. Just [...]

The Severed Foot: A Bank Holiday Yarn

There is a severed foot on my raised vegetable bed. I swear to gods it's giving me the finger. It's all that's left of yesterday's bloody, gory pigeon massacre. The guts have gone, the wing has gone, and most of the feathers have gone. The foot remains. Because nobody really wants to eat a pigeon [...]

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