Business Plan

Wisdom from Pink Leopard on a Mission

I had an email from a Pink Leopard the other day. She's reading my book and emailed me in response to a question I ask in it. Why do you do what you do? What drives you?  Here's what she said: "Hi Vicky, Started reading my (your) book and I'm loving it so far...and I [...]

Dodging the business poo

When you start achieving what you want, people start flinging poo at you. Jill, one of my Superheroes, has taken what I teach and run with it from day 1. The second she joined my group, she did stuff. Now she's seeing the rewards...  ...and the poo. She posted this in our private email group [...]

Are you running a business, or playing at a hobby? My guess is the latter.  Yeah, yeah, I’m a real bitch: suck it up. But the truth is, until relatively recently, I was playing at it too… Because I had no idea of my numbers and I didn’t want to know. That, my fine feathered [...]

Adrenaline shots for wilting businesses

Every time the season changes, I declare the new season to be my favourite of all the seasons. Spring? It's bright and shiny and green and vital.Everything seems to expand in all directions to the sound of birds and jingling.  Autumn is mists and mellow fruitfulness, golden evenings and crunchy leaves to run through (yes, [...]

Gooseberry gin gift keeps me grinning

We need to talk about gin. Specifically, gooseberry gin.  Even more specifically, the bottle of gooseberry gin that arrived beautifully packaged and addressed to me, accompanying a card from Sarah, one of my Superheroes. I know I'm a bit flippant sometimes, but I actually have all the feelz. Too many of them, a lot of [...]

No Goblin Kings here, amigos

Sometimes I think marketing is like walking round a corner in Labyrinth and finding David Bowie in an awkwardly steamy clinch with Hoggle.  You don't know where you're going, why you're going there, or even where the fuck you are. But when you get there, you're confronted with something frightening and disturbing. And as for [...]

The exploding spider marketing plan

There were exploded spiders all over the page. They were supposed to be hands. A page full of hands doing different hand gestures. But they looked like exploded spiders. Have you ever tried to draw feet? Or hands? Or both? It's trickier than it looks. You end up with thumbs on the wrong side, strangely [...]

The spiteful trousers of doom

Muffin. There's a muffin top. OH THE HUMANITY. I'm wearing a pair of trousers I bought last year, which I haven't worn for a few months and THEY'RE A BIT TIGHT.  I mean, I've still got rock-hard abs in there but they're covered by a squishy layer of Travelling to London. Specifically, a layer of [...]

The deadly cup of tea epidemic

Cups of tea, as far as the eye can see. That's what happened when a long-ago friend discovered magic mushrooms.   She fancied a cup of tea, then carried on making them. In every cup, mug, jug, and bowl in her house. It was like some kind of horrifying, very British, virulent tea epidemic. Fear [...]

"Oh yeah, and I trebled my income." Wait, WHAT? I nearly got whiplash as my head snapped around to read the afterthought my Superhero Jill chucked out at me.   Trebled. Her. Income. And she buried that little nugget in a long list of (very cool) stuff she'd been up to. See, if you have [...]

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