Business Plan

Stupid stupid stupid

My heart stopped for a moment and I went cold all over as I read the email. Fuck. Fuck  . It was a message from my biggest client telling me he was restructuring his business and wanted to end our retainer. Apart from a few ad-hoc clients, he was it. Quite some time ago now, [...]

The secret horse-race marketing plan

The horses thundered past, ears pricked, manes and tails streaming out, and the little two-wheeled bikes bouncing along the track behind them. I'd never been harness racing before, so last night was a first.  Another first was standing next to Dan Kennedy as he explained the ins and outs of harness racing. Yep: Name drop [...]

Pre-brain-mashing Prosecco and eyeshadow

"You see, I don't want to look like someone went mental with blue eyeshadow and a blow-torch." To be fair to her, she didn't bat an eye -- she may laugh with her colleagues later -- but she was completely delightful to me as I sat down in her chair and explained that I'm 37 [...]

Inside every goat is an octopus pulling levers. Goats are landing craft for octopodes. Just look at their eyes: goats and octopodes have the same eyes.  An octopus is a smart mollusc... it can reason, it can open jars, it can solve puzzles... it's entirely possible it could control a goat from the inside. And, [...]

Sobbing into a giant gin and tonic

I'm sitting here sobbing right now. This was going to be an entirely different email, then I read a message from my friend Dom. Dom is one of my Superheroes and we met for the first time this week.  I'm sharing this because you need to know something really fucking important: You make a positive difference [...]

Smuggling chickens in Botswana

You know when you put a group of people in a room together and they instantly get on? That happened last night. I'm up Derbyshire with Joe and a very small but select group of my Superheroes -- they'd never met before, and we all got on like a group of people with gin and [...]

The stalker-gift that changed my life

I wrote my next book in the shower last week. Like, literally. With a pencil and paper. HOW BLOODY BRILLIANT IS THAT? A lovely chap who reads my emails and listens to my podcasts heard me bemoaning the fact I often have great ideas in the shower, then instantly forget them. Because, goldfish brain. So [...]

Does your business make you happy?

Is your business serving you the way you want it to? Are you working the hours you want to work, and making the income you want to make? Mine isn't. Yet. Yes, it's brought me as far as The Dingle, and yes, I love what I do (for the most part)... but I'm not yet [...]

If you’d made one of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century, then you got snubbed by the Nobel Prize Committee, would you be pissed off?  I bet Jocelyn Bell Burnell was pissed off when she was overlooked in favour of 2 men who worked alongside her. She discovered the first radio pulsar in [...]

Why good enough isn’t good enough

I was talking to my partner in rhyme, James, the other day. We were working on something, and talking about a few projects, and got onto the subject of "done is better than not done". Which is always true. A crappy thing done has 100% more chance of success than something that never gets out [...]

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