Here's a link to a copy of the best sales letter ever written. That’s not just my opinion either; its accolade is based on the fact that it made the Wall Street Journal more than $2 billion over the years that it ran. The letter begins like this: Dear Reader: On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, [...]

Successful business owners are ducks

Send help. I appear to be buried under a metric fuckton of marketing and sales BS. "Blueprints" here, and "proven formulae" (damn right I'm using the nerdy plural) there, and "hack" this, that, and the other.  And do you know why all this poo proliferates like mushrooms on the tree stump in my garden? Because we [...]

Choose your starfish

Once upon a time, there was a young woman walking along an almost-deserted beach (my favourite place to be). She came upon an old woman surrounded by starfish struggling on the sands.  The young woman stopped, because she was curious as to why the old woman was painstakingly and gently picking up the starfish one [...]

Every now and then, I see something that blows my mind. Sometimes it's something in nature. Other times it's a discovery humanity has made. Yet other times, it's the stuff that humans are capable of doing. Beautiful stuff. Wondrous art. Here's the latest wonder. A painting of Van Gogh's Starry Night (one of my favourite [...]

I'm actually traumatised.  Until now, I've not been a proper country bumpkin – but I wasn't a complete townie, either. Growing up, we spent a lot of time camping on farms and being outdoors and generally looking at nature. And in our previous house, we were semi-rural. Here, though... it's ace. I'm regularly seeing animals [...]

A good house move should always begin with a small, uncontrolled fire in your front room, I believe. Followed by a trip to B&Q to buy a fire extinguisher and some smoke alarms.  We had the Rayburn serviced on Friday, and it's a bloody good job we did. We were going to light it and [...]

I have the best husband. I know many people probably think that they do, but I actually do. Do you know how I know?  Because for my birthday this year (thirty-bloody-seven – however did that happen?) he got me THIS. Because The Dingle, where we've just moved to, has a little woodland. Anyway. Yay for Joe, [...]

Thanks to LoveFilm, we get all manner of great (and shite) movies drop through our letterbox, and earlier this week Cuban Fury arrived.   I don't remember adding it to the list... but there it was. It stars Nick Frost, Rashida Jones, and Chris O'Dowd and it's... okay. Nick Frost is charmingly funny and Chris [...]

Have you got a paddle?

Do you ever use direct mail? I bloody love direct mail. There isn’t really that much of it anymore, and what there is tends to be a bit crap.  So if you’re doing it well, it works. You can have a lot of fun with it too, with what we call ‘lumpy mail’ – and [...]

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