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[Podcast] Email marketing is dead!

 "Goddammit!" I pulled up in the car park in town and realised I'd come out without my wallet. And there was no stash of cash in the car to raid, so I could get deliciously fresh-baked bread from the bakery.  The Co-Op it is, then because... All hail technology! I might have gone out without [...]

My motto, as you’ll know if you’ve been reading my ramblings for any amount of time, is JFDI. Just Do It. (I’m sure you can guess what the F stands for)  I love it, because it means I get more shit done than most people I know. Is it always perfect? No. Is it ever [...]

Below is one of my favourite business quotes. But, it's not from one of the usual gurus: Tony Robbins, or Seth Godin, or Richard Branson. Or anyone else most people would expect to hear world-class business advice from.  Nope. It's from the Joker. Yeah, that Joker, from the film Batman: The Dark Knight. And the advice [...]

I see you

Have you seen the movie Avatar? With the giant blue people on the distant planet? It's one of my faves. One of those brain-out, can watch on a semi-regular basis films. Sure, it's a thinly disguised eco-crusade, but I totally approve of that.  What you might not realise, though, is it's also a marketing and [...]

Sales lesson from the souk

It was hot. It was chaotic. But above all, it was fragrant. That's what I remember most: the scents. And the colours, the incredibly vibrant colours.  Cairo was a crazy, beautiful city, full of life. This was way before the Arab Dawn. I have no idea what it's like now, and the young me grieves [...]

Everyone loves criticising stuff, and I'm no different. I try to avoid criticising other people, because really we have no idea what journey they're on. We only see the outside.  But other adverts, landing pages, and articles? Well, in that arena I know whereof I speak, and so they're fair game. I was in the [...]

“I dreamed instead of did, and hoped and wished instead of tried…” Have you ever seen The Twilight Zone? I'm a massive fan, particularly of the very earliest episodes, the ones that are still black and white. Rod Serling was wise and he had Something To Say. In Praise of Pip was the episode we [...]

Buy a wife from Vietnam for only $6,000

I saw this ad the other day. I don't actually think it's genuine, but it's not bad as far as ads go: (Of course, it's horrific as far as, you know, not being an arsehole goes, but that's beside the point here.) Let’s dissect it: Eye-catching photograph of pretty Vietnamese women at the top Headline [...]

Why goats have octopus eyes

Have you ever looked closely at a goat? If you have, you'll have noticed they have strange eyes. Octopus eyes.  Yep: goats have the same eyes as octopodes. And my husband has a theory about this. There are a lot of goats on Kalymnos, and they mooch around all over the place. When they suspect [...]

BANG! Be in the successful minority

Everything you’ve read in these blog posts so far will work, as long as you do it. But there’ve been a couple of biggies along the way; ideas so important that if you can really grok them, they’ll transform your business. This is one of those ideas. Throughout these blogs, I've cajoled, encouraged you and [...]