comfort zone

Eat beans on toast because you WANT them

Progress is painful. Do you know how I know that? Because the other day I linked three pole moves together that look ace...  ...but I have an epic brown bruise on my right thigh to show for it. I'll show you the moves in a mo'. But I wanted to point out some other things [...]

I don't know if you saw yesterday's blog post– but if you didn't, no matter. Today's title came from the graffitti I linked to yesterday. It caught my eye and made me smile, because it's true.  If you hate Mondays that much, there's something wrong with your job or your business. There's nothing wrong with Mondays. [...]

Beware those damn spoons

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled a muscle in my back. Nothing serious, but it meant that whenever I did something innocuous, like picking up a spoon, I'd feel like I was being stabbed, then a wave of pain would shoot through my back.  Funny, because I could do something like crack out a [...]

Want some earplugs?

Have you ever heard somebody whinging about something and just shaken your head in despair? Case in point: the other day, 6Music was celebrating small music venues all over the country, and trying to raise awareness of them because many of them struggle. (Partly because most don't understand marketing, I'm sure – but that's not [...]

Only do what only you can do

I don't always take my own advice. For example: I'm often advising my Inner Circle Superheroes, my friends, my clients to outsource as much as they can. To only do what only they can do.  Which is very good advice. I should really listen to myself. The problem is, though, that I'm interested in almost [...]

And so the nonsense begins…

So, in October the Government finally introduced the long-overdue 5p carrier bag charge… And the nonsense began.   The media was full of ridiculous stories: As the plastic bag charge comes into force in England, the nation has been warned of the "chaos" that will ensue as confused shoppers will have to fork out a whole [...]

I was talking to my friend Harriet last night, and she had a tale that made me chuckle. Once upon a time, it'd have made me facepalm... But now I know better, because you can't help everyone.  She's recently started her own business and has been working with a client. The client wanted more customers [...]

Why Cash In The Attic is a crock of poo

Are you waiting for a miracle? Because if you are, you’ll be waiting a long, long time. Programmes like Cash in the Attic have a lot to answer for...  I read a story in the BBC Magazine a while ago about a woman in California who unwittingly gave away an Apple computer from the 1970s. [...]

Brains are stupid. Well, obviously they're amazing things that are the end-product of billions of years of evolution... But also, they're stupid.  Take my brain, for instance. I had a terrible night's sleep on Thursday night because I wasn't feeling brilliant. Not really ill or anything, you understand; just a dull pain in my side [...]

Where are YOUR Finding Nemo pants?

One of the most valuable things I've learned over the past couple of years is the fine art of not giving a fuck. (Yep: if you're fairly new to my blog posts, I swear sometimes. If you don't like it, there are other blogs out there for you.)  I don't always succeed; in fact, I [...]