comfort zone

What are the stories that you construct for yourself? The ones you run in your head? This is important. Because the stories that constantly run through your head shape how you live your life.  This is something I've known for a long while, but every now and then such things strike you again and remind [...]

I was chatting with my friend the other day, after I sent an email about working for free. You remember – when I told you to moon anyone who tells you it'll be 'great exposure'? (You should, by the way. Moon them, I mean.)   I was talking about writers, photographers, designers, consultants... more 'businessy' [...]

The burning stupid of baggage claim

Airport baggage collections. They're surely one of Dante's lower levels of hell. Because they are filled with utter, utter idiots.  Here's what I propose: paint a perimeter around each baggage carousel with around 8–10 feet of clearance between the line and the carousel. Then put up a sign that says something along the lines of [...]

Brace yourself…

Brace yourself: the motivational New Year's bullshit is coming... "New Year, new me!" they'll declaim. "This year, everything will change and I'll be successful!" they'll declare. But I'm going to make a prediction: 99% of those declamations and declarations will never come to pass because New Year Resolutions simply don't work. Just making a resolution isn't [...]

How do you cope with unexpected scary situations? Do you just get on with it? Or do you gibber in terror and wait for someone to fix it for you? Of course, doing a bit of both is an option…  Like me, the other day. At the top of a 25 metre climb. I'd just [...]

The first half of the battle is getting your head in the right place. Mindsets. Perceptions. Not any of that motivational bobbins the self-help goo-roos shriek about, with primal screams and that kinda stuff. I mean, if that's your bag, no problem. Go scream in the woods (just spare a thought for the poor squirrels).  [...]

Screaming quietly into your crash helmet

Recently I spent the afternoon bimbling around Worcestershire and Shropshire with my dad. We went off to look at a house on our motorbikes. It was probably the longest trip I've done on two wheels in a couple of years, which is pretty pants really. I should make more of an effort to get out and [...]

Experiments in gravity

Ever wondered why cats push things off shelves? I have the answer.  I've wondered this myself, because our little grey cat Whiskey does this. She gets herself up onto the mantlepiece above the woodburner and sits herself all neat and tidy on the corner. Then she'll wait until you're looking at her, and carefully push [...]

If you were in trouble, life-or-death trouble, what would you do? Anything to save your life, no matter how drastic it may seem? Or would you wait in comfort for the inevitable? Would you stick with the familiarity of the cockpit, or risk the parachute?  If your business was in trouble, would you keep doing [...]

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