Get your mind-blowing wordgasms here

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words "mind blowing"? Because my mind goes directly to the bedroom.  So it was extremely gratifying when Shahilla wrote this about being a Member of my Small Business Superheroes Crew: "My first critique from Vicky was really valuable… but the second was mind [...]

Business suicide squad destroys sales

Supervillains. Superheroes. Splosions. What's not to like? Well, Suicide Squad, that's what.   Didn't even get to the end of it last night, and it's rare I leave a film unfinished (easily pleased, me)... and a little pissed off that my hopes were dashed. See, I love comic book films. I spend a fair amount [...]

Lubing up your word funnel

People all over the world are choking. Choking on lumpy messages that actively get in the way of them buying. And it's a crying shame. I see emails that are filled with long words and longer sentences, so you're asleep before the climax. Sales pages that read like a drunken spider's staggered across a school [...]

The big copywriting sausage-fest

Copywriters are a funny lot. Some of us run a business... and some drown under the weight of bills and responsibilities.  Some of us go out and find the great clients and charge high prices... and some sit and wait and whine and get poor and unhappy. And, if you believe what you see on [...]

One vagina, no retreat

In what universe is the word "vagina" a profanity? Or unacceptable? In the universe of one my subscribers, apparently. He listed it under his list of unacceptable swear words, informed me that yesterday's email "diminished me", and exhorted me to consider what if someone had left their emails open and a colleague or boss had [...]

Why “pretty” won’t get you sales

Do you know what happens when you get all hung up on pretty email templates filled with pictures to send to your prospective customers? This. This happens. And your reader's reaction? "LOL WTF?" *delete* If you're lucky, they won't mark it as spam. How do you expect to sell anything when there's nothing for your [...]

I looked up with a start. Whiskey had done one of her experiments in gravity and pushed a candle holder off the bookcase.  Perhaps it was her way of telling me to go to bed because I realised, with a jolt, that it was past midnight. Joe had long-since gone to bed, and I was [...]

STOP! Chocolate Time

Every now and then, I get a chocolate bar and a handwritten note from New Zealand. It's always an interesting chocolate bar, too – this one is tea-flavoured. (Yes, I was sceptical, too, but it's completely delicious) The chocolate comes from Sean and Renuka of Psychotactics. I've done several of their training courses; in fact, [...]

Who was born at Christmas?

Once upon a time, at Christmas, a very special and beloved character was born. Amidst much anticipation and under twinkling stars, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer came into the world in 1939 thanks to the pen of Montgomery Ward staff copywriter Bob L. May. Montgomery Ward, once one of the biggest department stores in the [...]

Have you seen Dexter? The TV show about the serial killer who only kills bad guys? When he does the deed, he sets up his "kill room". Covers everything in sheets of plastic, then cuts up the bodies and wraps them up and dumps them out to sea. Not very environmentally friendly, to be honest. [...]

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