Gooseberry gin gift keeps me grinning

We need to talk about gin. Specifically, gooseberry gin.  Even more specifically, the bottle of gooseberry gin that arrived beautifully packaged and addressed to me, accompanying a card from Sarah, one of my Superheroes. I know I'm a bit flippant sometimes, but I actually have all the feelz. Too many of them, a lot of [...]

Narcissistic selfie monster gobbles sales

Turn a little to the left... dip your chin... lower your eyelashes... tilt your head slightly -- there! That's it! DUCKFACE!  Repeat ad naseum, all day and all night. This, ladles and jellyspoons, is the modern horror. The Narcissistic Selfie Monster. People so absorbed in taking pictures of themselves and posting them on social media, [...]

One-night-stands won’t make you money

What drives you wild? For me, it's stroking the insides of my elbows and the backs of my knees...    It's not obvious. It's not the kind of thing a one-night-stand would know. Joe, though... he knows. We've been together for quite a few years now and he knows me very, very well. He knows [...]

The salad spinner sales system

Have you ever used a salad spinner? No?  Then you've never lived. A week or so ago, I'd finally had enough: soggy lettuce was ruining my lunches. So I bought a salad spinner from Amazon. It's great. It's a virulently bright green lid, with a big basket for all the lovely washed lettuce from my [...]

Are you trapped in the Friend Zone?

"HELP. I need a professional expert like you! X" ^^ landed in my FB messages a couple of weeks ago from an acquaintance I've not seen off FB for years. So I pinged back a quick message with an outline of how I could help, a couple of pointers, and my fee. *crickets* *tumbleweed* It [...]

Why I’m self-massaging right now

Busting out moves on the pole doesn't come easy. In fact, it's damn hard.    Requires patience, hard work, and a good teacher... And dedication. Which is why I'm having a private lesson each week with Annie, my Pole Witch Superteacher. Today she had me working on my muscle-up, which is as difficult as it [...]

Dropping a value bomb on yo’ ass

Today I'm giving you a little nugget of pure gold. Way more value than I should give away free... and it doesn't happen often. So listen up. Come closer. Pull up a chair... And I'll tell you a tale of lost money and easy wins. I had an accountant. A firm of accountants, in fact, [...]

Got client cystitis? Let’s cure it today

"I am obligated to give them 16 hours a week, and to be honest I hate it! I really resent them." So Becky, one of my Superheroes, told me during her Borrow My Brain consultation.  I hear ya, sista. I've been there, resenting the hell out of clients. It sucks. Becky's a fitness trainer and [...]

Do you put people to sleep? Or do you tickle their pickle? What do you say when people ask what you do for a living?   Do you say, "I'm a builder and I'm passionate about bricks and I build big houses and" ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz. Or do you say something that makes people go, “Ooh tell [...]

Lubing up your word funnel

People all over the world are choking. Choking on lumpy messages that actively get in the way of them buying. And it's a crying shame. I see emails that are filled with long words and longer sentences, so you're asleep before the climax. Sales pages that read like a drunken spider's staggered across a school [...]

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