Watch as it wraps its sickly-sweet limbs around your flesh. As it enfolds you in its rotten embrace. And then squeezes... Horrifying weight on your chest, crushing the air out of your lungs? Check. Hideously tight, itchy feeling every time you stand up? Check. Eyes darting around, body twitching, mind racing? Check. Yep: sounds like [...]

Have you ever seen a chicken running around with a half-laid egg hanging out of its bum? Chasing after a piece of toast? I have, at the weekend. And it reminded me of you... but don’t take offence, because it also reminded me of me. Most of us are starters, not finishers. We’re business owners, [...]

My chest was tight. There was a hard little knot in there, and it was growing into a physical pain. And all the while, that high-pitched background buzz of panic was shrieking inside my head, shearing through everything else like a razorblade through flesh. I stared at the website, that panic threatening to bubble up [...]

Smuggling chickens in Botswana

You know when you put a group of people in a room together and they instantly get on? That happened last night. I'm up Derbyshire with Joe and a very small but select group of my Superheroes -- they'd never met before, and we all got on like a group of people with gin and [...]

When all you ever see is successful people bleating about how they "always knew they'd be successful" and "you just have to think positive" and other such bollocks, it's disheartening. Especially when your latest marketing idea has bombed and you need to get more customers in the door.  So it's deeply refreshing when you hear [...]

Cheerleading in the shower

Just as I think about you in the shower, it seems I'm often the last thing my Superheroes think about before they go to bed. And obviously, I love that. But not as much as I love seeing them get unstuck.  Like Kathryn, who sent this email -- totally unprovoked -- to her list: "Thankfully [...]

Does your business make you happy?

Is your business serving you the way you want it to? Are you working the hours you want to work, and making the income you want to make? Mine isn't. Yet. Yes, it's brought me as far as The Dingle, and yes, I love what I do (for the most part)... but I'm not yet [...]

One vagina, no retreat

In what universe is the word "vagina" a profanity? Or unacceptable? In the universe of one my subscribers, apparently. He listed it under his list of unacceptable swear words, informed me that yesterday's email "diminished me", and exhorted me to consider what if someone had left their emails open and a colleague or boss had [...]

You’re a toddler. A screaming pile of id. Don’t take it personally — so am I. In the end, we’re all big toddlers really. Which is why we find it so facking difficult to get anything done.  I’ve done a lot of Borrow My Brain and coaching calls over the past couple of weeks, and [...]

Man, I've wasted so much money over the years on books, courses, and shiny objects. I'm like a magpie. I love a bright shiny object.   There is loads of stuff I've paid for hanging around uselessly in my office, and every time I look at it I feel like the muppet I am. I [...]