According to many of the survey answers I've been getting, business owners feel they "can't write". They hate it.  Perhaps you feel the same? Today, I'm going to teach you to enjoy it. No, really – I am! Trust me, I'm a writer. See, if you don't enjoy writing, chances are that will show. So [...]

So, cow magnets are a thing.  I was out the other night with Joe and a few Members of my Inner Circle for cocktails and a very good curry, and among the many random topics of conversation that came up was... Cow magnets. At first I thought Joe was pulling my leg (he does that a [...]

Here's a terribly nerdy comic picture:  Send me a comment and be smug if you get it ;) And here's an example of how stories can grab you and stick in your head, even though they may not be true. (Which prompted me to share that nerdy joke) I was mooching around in a copywriting group [...]

I can hear them coming from some way off. Honking away. It's always hilarious, and it always makes me glad that I live under a flightpath. Not that kind of flightpath; I think I live under a goose flightpath. Most days for the past few weeks, I've watched and listened as squadrons of geese have [...]

Mark, my business buddy, lives in a condo in Manila (the Philippines, geography fans). He came over to the UK a few weeks ago for a conference and to woo some potential new clients (and he won a load of them, too).  But ever since he got back, he's become an angry man who lives in [...]

Steph, who is one of my loyal readers, sent me an email that made me simultaneously chuckle and shake my head the other day.  I recently saw this piece of direct mail and it's a terrible piece of advertising. Steph wrote to tell me that it gets worse: "Hi Vicky, "I have just seen that Hiscox Insurance [...]

Social media barf is toxic to progress

Have you ever noticed that people who endlessly share those barfy motivational pics on Facebook (other social media barf is available) are the ones who never actually get anything done?  I always wonder what they're doing, in between sharing the awful motivational memes. Nothing, it turns out, usually. "Follow your passion and success will find [...]

Eat beans on toast because you WANT them

Progress is painful. Do you know how I know that? Because the other day I linked three pole moves together that look ace...  ...but I have an epic brown bruise on my right thigh to show for it. I'll show you the moves in a mo'. But I wanted to point out some other things [...]

Buy a wife from Vietnam for only $6,000

I saw this ad the other day. I don't actually think it's genuine, but it's not bad as far as ads go: (Of course, it's horrific as far as, you know, not being an arsehole goes, but that's beside the point here.) Let’s dissect it: Eye-catching photograph of pretty Vietnamese women at the top Headline [...]

Beware those damn spoons

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled a muscle in my back. Nothing serious, but it meant that whenever I did something innocuous, like picking up a spoon, I'd feel like I was being stabbed, then a wave of pain would shoot through my back.  Funny, because I could do something like crack out a [...]