Brains are stupid. Well, obviously they're amazing things that are the end-product of billions of years of evolution... But also, they're stupid.  Take my brain, for instance. I had a terrible night's sleep on Thursday night because I wasn't feeling brilliant. Not really ill or anything, you understand; just a dull pain in my side [...]

Why goats have octopus eyes

Have you ever looked closely at a goat? If you have, you'll have noticed they have strange eyes. Octopus eyes.  Yep: goats have the same eyes as octopodes. And my husband has a theory about this. There are a lot of goats on Kalymnos, and they mooch around all over the place. When they suspect [...]

What are the stories that you construct for yourself? The ones you run in your head? This is important. Because the stories that constantly run through your head shape how you live your life.  This is something I've known for a long while, but every now and then such things strike you again and remind [...]

How to avoid becoming a corporate zombie

Have you ever heard the term corporate zombie? For me, it conjours up images of shambling businessmen with rotting skin and flappy torn clothing roaming the glass halls of Canary Wharf, living off the barely conscious brains of exhausted interns.  How about you? Just me? Okay. Well, a corporate zombie is a company that has [...]

What you can learn from your brave friends

As one of my hobbies I like to go climbing. It's usually me and Joe and our friend Dan, plus a bunch of others we see at the climbing wall regularly. Recently, though, my friends Sarah and Emily came along too. They've both climbed once or twice before, many years ago...   And they were ace. They're [...]

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