A sh!tstorm in a teacup?

When you're drowning in 35,629 Things To Do and you're exhausted and you can't see an end to it, running away seems like a good plan. To a cave, on a mountain, with nobody else in sight.  I was talking to one of my book coaching clients the other day. She's fallen behind because her [...]

"Take that frown and turn it upside down!" Said with manic Stepford-Wives glassy smile and empty eyes.  Just another meaningless platitude from people who can't cope with the real world. Well, here's my antidote to that: keep your frown and use it to power yourself to success. In a world filled with fake positivity and [...]

Screaming sweet nothings into your ears

"You are not The One." Not special. Not magical.   Remember when the Oracle told Neo he wasn't The One in The Matrix? How crushed he was? Then remember how Neo went on to beat the machines in round 1? The Oracle didn't tell Neo what he wanted to hear. She wasn't whispering sweet nothings [...]

All hail the bullshit bingo meter: good things come to those who wait. Ever wanted to bitch-slap people who come out with that inanity? Yep, me too.  I want to shriek "NO NUMBNUTS GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WORK FOR THEM" But like all clichéd inanities, there's some truth in it. Patience is a [...]

The deadly cup of tea epidemic

Cups of tea, as far as the eye can see. That's what happened when a long-ago friend discovered magic mushrooms.   She fancied a cup of tea, then carried on making them. In every cup, mug, jug, and bowl in her house. It was like some kind of horrifying, very British, virulent tea epidemic. Fear [...]

"Oh yeah, and I trebled my income." Wait, WHAT? I nearly got whiplash as my head snapped around to read the afterthought my Superhero Jill chucked out at me.   Trebled. Her. Income. And she buried that little nugget in a long list of (very cool) stuff she'd been up to. See, if you have [...]

Fat, drunk, and broke [new podcast]

Close your eyes and imagine your absolute favourite thing. The thing you love doing most.  Not your kids or your family or anything, I mean the thing, the hobby, the activity, thing you're passionate about. How much do you love it? Do you really love it? Because if you just follow your passion, the money [...]

The bad marketing boob job

One nipple pointing north, one nipple pointing south -- this boob job hadn't turned out at all the way she wanted it to. It was supposed to solve all her problems: self-esteem, lack of a decent boyfriend, finding a good job, looking great in a bikini...  But instead, all she was left with was a [...]

She loved me and left me

Never put out on the first date, that’s the advice. Keep ‘em wanting more and they’ll stick around. Only, I DO put out.  Metaphorically speaking, of course. New Superheroes get an awesome package to kick-start them into action, then access to every critique and teleclass I've ever done. Occasionally, this value-habit of mine bites me [...]

Are you brave enough to strip yourself bare in front of your customers, clients, peers, and coaches? I'm not talking about actually getting nekkid (although don't let me stop you -- just don't get arrested).  One of my Superheroes has made a pretty bloody good start. I'm stepping up their training and pushing them out [...]

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