The Seal’s Skin and other stories

Wow. Just, wow. That sums up, pretty inarticulately I'll admit, Iceland.  Quite apart from the staggering, breathtaking scenery, Iceland has a really fascinating history and an incredibly rich literary tradition... Icelanders love their stories. When we were there a few months ago, our guide told us tales from legend, from ancient history, from more recent [...]

Here's a terribly nerdy comic picture:  Send me a comment and be smug if you get it ;) And here's an example of how stories can grab you and stick in your head, even though they may not be true. (Which prompted me to share that nerdy joke) I was mooching around in a copywriting group [...]

35 lampshades that look like Anne Robinson

Clickbait. It's the bane of my grubby little industry, so it is.   If you're not aware of this pejorative term, it's the practice of putting together a headline (or email subject line) much like the one I've used in this email, purely for the purpose of getting your eyeballs on whatever it is they're [...]

I had a comment on one of my FB ads the other day: "Are you kidding me. How can you operate with integrity when what you are advertising doesn't exist?" Now, what had happened was, a couple of my website pages had disappeared, so although you could sign up to my email list, once you'd [...]

I had a whole blog post planned about a duck today, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Because my friend Jo sent me a much more instructive – and funny – story about a pretentious dickhead.  So let's get into that this morning. (Jo and Todd write a "cool and funny stuff on social media" [...]

It went troll in words

One of my private clients is a Viking. I may have mentioned him before; he's Norwegian and he does clever things with broadband and software and stuff.  While working on his latest project, I came across a delightful little Norwegian idiom that doesn't really translate well into English. Or, in fact, translate into anything meaningful [...]