Maybe they’re right about you…

"Your little business looks like fun, but when are you going to get a real job?" The words twist in your gut, because secretly, you've asked yourself the same question, haven't you?  All those sideways looks from well-meaning friends and family, worrying that you won't make it, wondering what you're doing and why you don't [...]

No unicorn farts or arse glitter here

Sometimes, when you've been drinking your friends exciting homebrew liqueurs, something real happens to make you cry. And it's not the UK's Eurovision entry.  Nope, this is a happy cry. Because on Saturday night, this arrived in my inbox: "Been contemplating life whilst in the bath with a glass of Guiness, and just finishing Dan [...]

Why I’m self-massaging right now

Busting out moves on the pole doesn't come easy. In fact, it's damn hard.    Requires patience, hard work, and a good teacher... And dedication. Which is why I'm having a private lesson each week with Annie, my Pole Witch Superteacher. Today she had me working on my muscle-up, which is as difficult as it [...]

Yanking you out of your misery rut

Are you gonna hate yourself this time next year? Will you be asking yourself why you're no further on in your business? Why you're still struggling with the same stuff you are today?  Will you be standing there, moss on your nose and grass grown over your feet? I'm going to lay a wager that [...]

Got client cystitis? Let’s cure it today

"I am obligated to give them 16 hours a week, and to be honest I hate it! I really resent them." So Becky, one of my Superheroes, told me during her Borrow My Brain consultation.  I hear ya, sista. I've been there, resenting the hell out of clients. It sucks. Becky's a fitness trainer and [...]

Pricing elephant eats hairdresser alive

"Oh my god I've spent my whole career apologising for charging clients!!! Yes I need help. X" Well, it's not so bad. I'm one of those people who apologises to tables and mannequins for bumping into them.   And, being British, I also apologise when someone does something to me. Like stands on my foot, [...]

How to escape the business battery farm

The heaving writhing mass of feathers and beaks gradually became individual chickens. Like one of those magic eye pictures. It was enough to make your heart hurt: the poultry industry is a trade in misery.  Pack as many in as possible, so they can barely move. Never see the sunshine. Never see the sky. Just [...]

It’s like half of the world has disappeared. A strange and mysterious neurophyschological disorder called hemineglect can cause people to disregard — or not notice at all — half of what’s in front of them. Literally. Look at this: a patient was asked to copy the drawing of the house… but they only copied half [...]

You couldn’t make this shit up. In a copywriting Facebook group I’m a member of, some time ago, someone asked a question.  He was in a panic because he had no clients at the moment and no money coming in and didn’t know what to do. So I gave him a simple, easy way to [...]

Oliver is one of my email subscribers and he had a great question for me yesterday: "Hi Vicky I love your emails and have already learned a lot from you - thank you. I have a question about your 'Inner Circle' membership: I understand that you provide fresh, useful content in a newsletter each month. [...]