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As we walked into the parlour, we had to brush the hanging cobwebs away like curtains. It was like walking into a Dickens novel. I half-expected to see Miss Havisham sitting in a chair in the corner...  But what I saw instead was a very dead rat. About the size of a small pony. And [...]

How interesting do you find road cleaning? Not very? You're wrong.  Because there's something interesting in everything. It always cracks me up when I hear another copywriter moan about a job they're doing because they're writing about something really dull. At first glance, it might be dull... but dig a little deeper, look at the [...]

Covered in glitter and drinking gin

In one of the copywriting groups I lurk in on Flakebook, someone posted up some extracts from an email they'd received that morning. It made me smile and it made perfect sense...  But I don't think it went far enough. This chap started by saying that 80% of the battle is finding the right people [...]

A whole bunch of people keep asking: why write a book?  So, in the words of my mate Billiam (who published and printed my book), here's just a few reasons... Writing a book boosts your credibility: people respect authors. Even if you and your competitors are offering a similar product or service, if you've written [...]

You might have heard that I wrote a book. Business For Superheroes. If you've been with me a while, you'll know this, of course. And perhaps you've even read it.  It's all about my adventures starting my own freelance copywriting business – then morphing it into something scalable and sustainable and fun. Because, let's face [...]

One of my biggest bugbears is when freelancers, copywriters, and other business owners don't charge what they are worth. What they want to charge.  Because they've encountered too many asshat clients in the past. Clients who've argued over the fees, who've asked for something for nothing because that's 'all we have in the budget', and – my [...]

Just outside Masouri, on Kalymnos, there is a man who's found his starving crowd. It's absolutely genius.  You see, first thing in the morning before the sun comes around, hordes of climbers trudge up the scrubby hills just behind the town to a climbing area called the Grande Grotte. It's a popular crag because it's [...]

£250 to lick my boots? Okilly Dokilly!

Would you pay a stranger to let you lick their boots? (I'll explain that later.) Or to tickle you under the chin every Tuesday? Or to provide you with first editions of obscure Edwardian authors? No?  What would you pay a premium for? There's something, for sure. I guarantee it. There's a niche for everything. [...]

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