How to escape the business battery farm

The heaving writhing mass of feathers and beaks gradually became individual chickens. Like one of those magic eye pictures. It was enough to make your heart hurt: the poultry industry is a trade in misery.  Pack as many in as possible, so they can barely move. Never see the sunshine. Never see the sky. Just [...]

Got at least one eye? You’ll do

Things I have never done #3,815: been on a train while it's being overtaken. Bit of an odd experience, that. You're trundling along at many miles per hour, writing away, glancing out at the scenery every so often -- when one of those fast Virgin drunken leaning things starts catching up with you. I didn't [...]

The beige business suicide squad

"Nice milkbottles, four-eyes! Are you blind?" Much of my childhood consisted of hiding from that kind of shit. To the extent where wearing my glasses in public still causes me an almost physical pain. And that was just the start of it... because standing out at school is baaaaaaad news, right? Right. We're hardwired to [...]

The Church of Infinite Regret

Whenever I go to Cork for my Mastermind Group weekends, I always stay over at the Cork International Hotel. Let me tell you a little about the Cork International...  Last year, when I stayed there, I was up until 2.30am. Drinking prosecco, then whisky. Normally, I don't drink to excess because I suffer for it the [...]

The secret ingredient is…

One of my favourite scenes in Kung Fu Panda is the one where Shifu is training Po by withholding dumplings from him. It makes me laugh.  Another favourite scene is Po's version of "there is no spoon". In the world of Kung Fu Panda, the folk are searching for the Dragon Warrior, the kung fu [...]

This is not a rant about buses, honest

I toddled off to London the other morning to speak at my friend and mentor Peter's event. And this is the depth of feeling I have for him: I got up at 4.30am to get a train, then had to get a fucking bus. I wouldn't do that for just anyone. Maybe four other people (whom [...]