Know who else charges by the hour?

Following my blog post the other day about charging by the hour (and why you shouldn't do it), John emailed me thusly:  "hehe….reminds me of the story about the guy who complains to his dentist about the cost of a tooth extraction against the amount of time it takes….the dentist says he can make it last [...]

How much to fix the widgets, mister?

Let me tell you a story... A story about a man who fixed production lines. Let's call him Joe. He's worked in a whole bunch of different industries and seen just about every type of production line there is – and how and why they break down.  One day, one of his customers – a [...]

You know it's going to be one of those days when it takes you three goes to put your pants on. And you fall over. But I persevere: no going back to bed for me.  Anyway: I have a question for you. It's one I've been thinking about for a while – and it's a [...]

If you’re a commercial battery egg producer, you need to know how to sex chickens. You’re also a horrible human being, but that’s beside the point here.  Commercial egg producers must identify female chicks as soon as possible so they don’t waste food, money, and energy feeding unproductive male chicks. It’s horrible, but it makes [...]

How to liberate a moose

When I arrived in a windy and drizzly Cork in December, I was greeted by name at the desk (there's service for you) and with a Christmas moose on my door!  Honestly, it's like coming home when I come to my Elite mastermind meeting. It's not just the very good friends I've made and love [...]

Why your customers can’t afford you

Do you charge as much as you should? As much as you could? The answer to that question is almost certainly no. None of us charges as much as we could or should. Without wandering into the realm of deluxe goods and services and premium pricing here, I do want to say something about price. [...]

As I walked into the hotel in Cork, Darragh looked up from the reception desk, smiled, and said: "Welcome back Ms Fraser, it's good to see you again." Which is so cool.  If you can make your clients feel that special, you're doing well. When I go over to Cork, Ireland, for the quarterly meeting of [...]

I was chatting with my friend the other day, after I sent an email about working for free. You remember – when I told you to moon anyone who tells you it'll be 'great exposure'? (You should, by the way. Moon them, I mean.)   I was talking about writers, photographers, designers, consultants... more 'businessy' [...]

One of my biggest bugbears is when freelancers, copywriters, and other business owners don't charge what they are worth. What they want to charge.  Because they've encountered too many asshat clients in the past. Clients who've argued over the fees, who've asked for something for nothing because that's 'all we have in the budget', and – my [...]

Just outside Masouri, on Kalymnos, there is a man who's found his starving crowd. It's absolutely genius.  You see, first thing in the morning before the sun comes around, hordes of climbers trudge up the scrubby hills just behind the town to a climbing area called the Grande Grotte. It's a popular crag because it's [...]