This is how to write a great website. And when I say 'great', I mean one that sells, not one that looks good, or makes you smile and feel proud, or your mum likes.   A website that will do what it's designed to do: sell wedding photography. If you're a photographer, take note: this is, by far, the best [...]

Always niche if you can. If you provide a specialist service to a specific group of people, you'll be able to charge more, pick and choose your clients more carefully, and work less.  I saw the phrase used in the subject line on Facebook, and it made me chuckle... and it made me think there's [...]

It's okay to make a profit. In fact it's a good thing. Even if you're following a vocation of some kind, or running a charity, or doing something that helps someone. Why?  Because if you don't make a profit, you can't run your business (or charity) and you can't help the people you want to. [...]

Have you ever cut your prices in response to your competitors doing so? Or thought that you could cut prices and make up for it with volume? I’m going to show you why that’s a really, horrifyingly, amazingly dangerous thing to do to yourself and your business. Are you sitting down? Good. Okay, now imagine [...]

Just how damaging are discounts?

In a previous blog post I told you that competing on price is a dangerous game? That following your competitors and dropping your prices to match theirs is a bad idea? Now I'm going to explain just why that is. Unless you live in a cave somewhere, you’ll be aware that every now and then the [...]

What business owners don’t know about price would fill a shelf-full of books. Me too, at first. It’s a steep learning curve, this running a business, isn’t it? This is a long blog post, so get yourself a cuppa and read it carefully. I reckon the ideas in here are among the most valuable in [...]