Are you running a business, or playing at a hobby? My guess is the latter.  Yeah, yeah, I’m a real bitch: suck it up. But the truth is, until relatively recently, I was playing at it too… Because I had no idea of my numbers and I didn’t want to know. That, my fine feathered [...]

Get your butt out of my face

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Not yours, though.  No offence, like. It's just big buts have no place in your business or your vocabulary. Because ohmygod is there anything more annoying than the words "Yes, but..." Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question. When it comes to business and marketing, take it [...]

Pricing elephant eats hairdresser alive

"Oh my god I've spent my whole career apologising for charging clients!!! Yes I need help. X" Well, it's not so bad. I'm one of those people who apologises to tables and mannequins for bumping into them.   And, being British, I also apologise when someone does something to me. Like stands on my foot, [...]

How to spot lies and empty promises

"You want answers?" "I want the truth." "You can't handle the truth!"  Colonel Jessop was kinda right in A Few Good Men. Most people can't handle the truth. You don't want the truth. You want me to reassure you that what you believe is the truth. You don't want me to tell you building a [...]

"Oh yeah, and I trebled my income." Wait, WHAT? I nearly got whiplash as my head snapped around to read the afterthought my Superhero Jill chucked out at me.   Trebled. Her. Income. And she buried that little nugget in a long list of (very cool) stuff she'd been up to. See, if you have [...]

Stupid stupid stupid

My heart stopped for a moment and I went cold all over as I read the email. Fuck. Fuck  . It was a message from my biggest client telling me he was restructuring his business and wanted to end our retainer. Apart from a few ad-hoc clients, he was it. Quite some time ago now, [...]

Get nekkid – make more moolah

Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, minding your own business, and your cleaner pushes the hoover past. With her buttcheeks bare to the world. Well, bare to your office, anyway.  Just when you think you've seen everything, a naked person turns up at your house and starts cleaning it for you. Yep: nude cleaning [...]

Free is for fools [podcast]

Most people are bloody fools. Don't you be one of them. Free.  Free is for fools. And that's what this week's podcast is all about, podcast fans... why free will ruin you. Tune in to hear me and Joe rambling about how to avoid ruination in business (and to hear a terrible life tip from [...]

***Warning: today’s blog contains many swears. If you’re offended by swears, do not read it.*** Here's the most embarrassing picture ever of my mate and mentor Jon, the EBG. It's a picture of him with Dan Kennedy many moons ago. I don't think Jon has a stick up his butt, but you never know... Anyway, [...]

It's the first day of the weekend. Hurrah! But are you already dreading Monday? — remember how it used to feel back in school? I don't. I used to, when I had The Worst Job In The WorldTM. Then, a few months after I started my business, I started getting that feeling of dread again, because [...]

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