How to do self-love [new podcast]

Lying on my back, writhing blissfully... And suddenly my eyes fill with tears. WTF? This is supposed to be fun, and pleasurable, and generally delightful. And it is. (I was having a luxury pedicure, by the way. I don't know what you were thinking I was doing...) This was last week, and it was my [...]

Are you groping in the dark?

Picture this: it's 10pm, it's dark, and I'm up to my hands and knees in soil, groping in the dark with a headtorch. And trying not to knock over my beer. Actually, you don't have to picture it -- look at this: That's me, planting all my lovely new vegetables, by the light of my [...]

Screaming sweet nothings into your ears

"You are not The One." Not special. Not magical.   Remember when the Oracle told Neo he wasn't The One in The Matrix? How crushed he was? Then remember how Neo went on to beat the machines in round 1? The Oracle didn't tell Neo what he wanted to hear. She wasn't whispering sweet nothings [...]

Your dirty little secret laid bare

"God, I'm such an idiot." "Why am I so crap at this?" "I'm so clumsy." "I'm such a muppet!" "Moron!" You'd never speak to anyone else this way, would you? So why do you think it's okay to speak to yourself that way? Yesterday, I woke up actually thinking to myself, "I'm a fucking idiot." [...]

Get your butt out of my face

I like big butts and I cannot lie! Not yours, though.  No offence, like. It's just big buts have no place in your business or your vocabulary. Because ohmygod is there anything more annoying than the words "Yes, but..." Don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question. When it comes to business and marketing, take it [...]

Why you should always sniff your experts

Would you eat regurgitated fish? Are you a penguin? Sometimes I think the business world is just filled with baby penguins, gorging on regurgitated information.  Information that was useful and interesting, once... but now it's like chewed-over fish, vomited out by self-professed "experts" who don't really understand it. It's easy to fall for it, too, [...]

Ready to stop drowning? Read this

I used to have a recurring dream about being swept away by a tsunami. We'd be on a beach, the waves would be doing their thing... Until one moment, the waves would recede down the beach -- and keep going. And going. And going. The beach would stretch out further and further away, exposing rocks [...]

Remove spike from butt and STAND OUT

What lengths would you go to, to fit in? Are you like this puffin?  *disclaimer* I have no idea if the following story is actually true, but it made me laugh and cry. *disclaimer ends* So, biologists wanted to reintroduce puffins to the islands of the east coast of the USA. Puffins are really social [...]

That’s not how this works…

Business is not the same as pizza. But looking at the way business owners behave, you'd be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  See, when you take a slice of pizza, there's less pizza left for everyone else. When you earn a big fee in your business... There's plenty for everyone else too. I'm a copywriter, so [...]

Why I’m self-massaging right now

Busting out moves on the pole doesn't come easy. In fact, it's damn hard.    Requires patience, hard work, and a good teacher... And dedication. Which is why I'm having a private lesson each week with Annie, my Pole Witch Superteacher. Today she had me working on my muscle-up, which is as difficult as it [...]