Teachers should always be learners

Wow I got a lot of replies to my post about reading yesterday. Thank you for all the book suggestions – my "to read" list has swelled considerably.  I also received a fair number of replies telling me that my book Business For Superheroes was on the go, or always on the table ready to refer [...]

Have you ever seen Legally Blonde? It's one of my little-bit-guilty pleasures and it makes me laugh every time I watch it.  A while ago, I read an email from a marketer I admire (Mary-Rose “Wildfire” Maguire) and she pointed out a scene I hadn't really thought about much before, and how it relates to [...]

Everyone loves criticising stuff, and I'm no different. I try to avoid criticising other people, because really we have no idea what journey they're on. We only see the outside.  But other adverts, landing pages, and articles? Well, in that arena I know whereof I speak, and so they're fair game. I was in the [...]

Feeling Mondayish? Nowt to say? Me too.

Bloody hell. I've been up for ages, pondering about what to write about. And do you know what I've come up with?    Diddly-squat. Happens sometimes, you know. I couldn't think of a bloody thing to write about. Which is a topic in itself, I guess. It's not "writer's block" (I don't believe that exists). [...]

If a chippy can do it…

  Why should you write a book? Ooh, many reasons. But here's a story from the Daily Telegraph to illustrate. It's a fish and chip shop – a humble chippy – that's transformed its marketing, partly through writing its own book. Bloody good on them. Their success isn't just down to their book, to be sure. [...]

When I was planning my Write & Publish Your Book in 90 Days training, I sent out a survey. I had hundreds of replies; it was great. Perhaps you were one of those who replied.  One of the questions I asked was: "If you haven't written a book yet, why not?" I've just been going [...]

Greetings! I am Vicky, copywriter based on Mars!   You have a new website domain, but as yet your website is not up and running! Let us help you! We are a web developer, and web app maker, and we can help! Which is what I've been greeted with all weekend – and then a [...]

According to many of the survey answers I've been getting, business owners feel they "can't write". They hate it.  Perhaps you feel the same? Today, I'm going to teach you to enjoy it. No, really – I am! Trust me, I'm a writer. See, if you don't enjoy writing, chances are that will show. So [...]

A whole bunch of people keep asking: why write a book?  So, in the words of my mate Billiam (who published and printed my book), here's just a few reasons... Writing a book boosts your credibility: people respect authors. Even if you and your competitors are offering a similar product or service, if you've written [...]

You HAVE got time

I had a number of responses from people about yesterday's blog post about writing your book, and something really stuck out...  An answer I saw again and again and again. "I don't have time." Well, I'd like to prove you wrong. Because you do have time. You have exactly the same amount of time that I do: 24 [...]