Freaking out and waiting for firemen

Freaking out and waiting for firemen Picture this: a smart lady working hard in a room. The room has a door. The door has no handle on the inside. The smart lady’s cleaning lady accidentally closes the door, locking them both in. Damning them both to an eternal fate on hold with the world’s worst [...]

If in doubt, consult an oracle

No, I’m serious! Consult an oracle.  I haven’t gone crazy or caught religion or anything: oracles aren’t what you might think they are. In fact, oracles are extremely useful. In ye olden days, oracles had a very important job. Not to predict the future, but to provoke creative thought to solve problems. Oracles are all [...]

I can hear them coming from some way off. Honking away. It's always hilarious, and it always makes me glad that I live under a flightpath. Not that kind of flightpath; I think I live under a goose flightpath. Most days for the past few weeks, I've watched and listened as squadrons of geese have [...]

And so the nonsense begins…

So, in October the Government finally introduced the long-overdue 5p carrier bag charge… And the nonsense began.   The media was full of ridiculous stories: As the plastic bag charge comes into force in England, the nation has been warned of the "chaos" that will ensue as confused shoppers will have to fork out a whole [...]

One of the things I love about the Elite Mastermind I'm a Member of is the evening meals and drinks. We talk about our businesses, for sure, and the relaxed setting means we come up with ideas we perhaps wouldn't in the actual Mastermind... but we also talk about other things.  Here's an example. A [...]