My stunted and woeful vocabulary

I saw something that made me chuckle this morning, in the Ontraport Facebook group. Some chap had made a landing page with the headline "Wake The Fuck Up!"  And some other chap had commented: "How about expanding your vocabulary to not have to be offensive in your headline?" It always cracks me up when some [...]

Beware those damn spoons

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled a muscle in my back. Nothing serious, but it meant that whenever I did something innocuous, like picking up a spoon, I'd feel like I was being stabbed, then a wave of pain would shoot through my back.  Funny, because I could do something like crack out a [...]

35 lampshades that look like Anne Robinson

Clickbait. It's the bane of my grubby little industry, so it is.   If you're not aware of this pejorative term, it's the practice of putting together a headline (or email subject line) much like the one I've used in this email, purely for the purpose of getting your eyeballs on whatever it is they're [...]

I had a comment on one of my FB ads the other day: "Are you kidding me. How can you operate with integrity when what you are advertising doesn't exist?" Now, what had happened was, a couple of my website pages had disappeared, so although you could sign up to my email list, once you'd [...]

As I walked into the hotel in Cork, Darragh looked up from the reception desk, smiled, and said: "Welcome back Ms Fraser, it's good to see you again." Which is so cool.  If you can make your clients feel that special, you're doing well. When I go over to Cork, Ireland, for the quarterly meeting of [...]

I was chatting with my friend the other day, after I sent an email about working for free. You remember – when I told you to moon anyone who tells you it'll be 'great exposure'? (You should, by the way. Moon them, I mean.)   I was talking about writers, photographers, designers, consultants... more 'businessy' [...]

So, that photographer's website I sent you to look at the other day? This one? Well, a friend of mine had more of a nose around in it and noticed something missing. Something very important indeed.  I'm glad he pointed it out and asked me what I thought... He said: "I loved that photographer's website you linked [...]

One of my biggest bugbears is when freelancers, copywriters, and other business owners don't charge what they are worth. What they want to charge.  Because they've encountered too many asshat clients in the past. Clients who've argued over the fees, who've asked for something for nothing because that's 'all we have in the budget', and – my [...]

Just outside Masouri, on Kalymnos, there is a man who's found his starving crowd. It's absolutely genius.  You see, first thing in the morning before the sun comes around, hordes of climbers trudge up the scrubby hills just behind the town to a climbing area called the Grande Grotte. It's a popular crag because it's [...]

The first half of the battle is getting your head in the right place. Mindsets. Perceptions. Not any of that motivational bobbins the self-help goo-roos shriek about, with primal screams and that kinda stuff. I mean, if that's your bag, no problem. Go scream in the woods (just spare a thought for the poor squirrels).  [...]

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