December 25. Goodness. Where's this year gone? All of a sudden *whispers* it's Christmas. Yikes.  So, how has your business fared this year? Have you hit any of your goals? Have you made any goals? I only ask because most people set New Year Resolutions, or January goals, or other such stuff. It's normal. It's what most people [...]

Get your emo on, amigo

  When you’re writing to persuade someone to do something, whether that’s to buy something, or donate, or simply click a link, remember this: people are emotional creatures. Use emotional, human language. Write like you speak, in other words. Like this… Tell a joke, not an anecdote Don’t assault someone, beat the crap out of them [...]

Do you balter?

Yesterday, I was reminded about the joys of language. The wonder of words. Not in a lame "I'm a copywriter so I love words" kinda way, but in a wondrous "I have a lifelong love affair with reading, stories, and language" kinda way.  All those stuffed shirts who tell you that this word is wrong, [...]

I try to keep up with politics, but I don't really understand it. Mostly because I don't pay enough attention, but also because I'm fairly libertarian-leaning.  One of the reasons I don't pay enough attention, though, is because many of the people involved are utterly odious. Take the Labour Party leadership kerfuffle: a chap called [...]

£6,000 to invent time travel?

Somebody offered my husband the princely sum of $6,000 to invent time travel. I think if he were going to invent time travel, he'd be charging a hell of a lot more than six grand. Am I right? Damn right. The whole tale made me chuckle, to be honest. Someone hadn't put a purchase order [...]

Pre-dawn insect-related panic

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzz. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Lying there in the dark, before the alarm went off the other morning, I gradually realised what had wakened me. A faint but menacing buzzing coming from somewhere in the bedroom.  It was dark, but that dark that feels like it's about to be squashed by the dawn. I knew the alarm wasn't [...]

Yes, but what does it need to DO?

When I worked at The Worst Job In The WorldTM, one of my jobs was to sort out the new company webshite. Uh, website. Sorry.  Inevitably, there were loads of pointless meetings and a ton of uninformed opinions. I remember one of the people who worked there sent me a link to, and I quote, [...]

What impression is your contact page giving off? Is it encouraging and welcoming, forceful even? Does it have people falling over themselves to get in touch? Or does it push people away? If someone has clicked through to your contact page, they’ve told you they’re interested in what you’re offering. So you’d better make it [...]

What’s it all about then?

Your about page. According to some sources, it’s the least visited page on a website. According to other sources, it’s the most visited page on a website. Frankly, I couldn’t care who’s right and who’s wrong, because in direct response marketing terms it really doesn’t matter. If you’re doing the ad campaign – landing page [...]

In a previous blog post I showed you why it’s so important to be liked.     Today, I’m going to say something that sounds like I’m contradicting myself. I’m not. One of the biggest things that will render your marketing pointless, wasting your time, effort and money, is trying to please everyone. It’s not possible. So [...]

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