I can get it cheaper down the road…

What do you say to people who tell you that you’re too expensive, that they can get what you’re offering cheaper down the road? I remember when I first started my business; it used to really worry me. It’s so difficult to know how to price yourself in the early days. So I’d capitulate. I’d [...]

Have you ever noticed how you get more sure of something the more time you put into it? Or more convinced that a purchase was worth the money after you’ve bought it – to the extent that you defend your decision to those who question it? A couple of Canadian psychologists (Knox and Inkster, 1968) [...]

Marketing is not a dirty word

I’ve been thinking about why marketing and salesmanship seems to have such a poor reputation among so many people. It tends to conjure up images of Bryl-cream-haired, shiny-suited arseholes trying to sell you a crappy used car. (And, granted, there are a few of those types around.)  Perhaps it’s because what we’re trying to do, [...]

Back to psychology: reciprocity. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours then ask you for another favour. This is why the Hare Krishnas are so bloody annoying. Have you ever seen them around, doing their thing with the orange robes and the dancing and the tambourines? Now, I don’t have patience with any religious [...]

Question: What’s the most difficult way to sell stuff? Answer: Directly off the page. Cold. As a stranger, with no lead in or romance. Why? Well, the answer is twofold. Firstly, they don’t know you from Adam, so why should they trust you? Why should they choose you over the many other options they probably [...]

Get out of your way and into their inbox

Do you ever get in your own way? I do, sometimes. I’m constantly tweaking the stuff I write. Editing. Improving. Perfecting it. I know that sounds like one of those lame answers people give when they’re asked what their weaknesses are, but when it comes to marketing and copywriting it IS a weakness. Perfection is [...]

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