The Church of Infinite Regret

Whenever I go to Cork for my Mastermind Group weekends, I always stay over at the Cork International Hotel. Let me tell you a little about the Cork International...  Last year, when I stayed there, I was up until 2.30am. Drinking prosecco, then whisky. Normally, I don't drink to excess because I suffer for it the [...]


It's Christmas!! So it's time for some festive positivity... Things that make me smile number 4,397: small children who write letters to Radio 4 and Radio 4 editors who write back.   (Here's how to "do marketing" on an individual level) Phoebe Hanson, aged 8, was devastated to hear Big Ben would not be BONGING [...]

Facebook algorithms know me well. The other day, an advert popped up showing me cat bodysuits. Not catsuits, you understand; bodysuits with cats on them. I don't know if you've ever seen my tights with cat faces on them... but rest assured, this clothing is very me. So I followed the link out of curosity [...]

When we go to the cinema, what we really want is to spend a couple of hours being whisked away into a different world. Isn't that right? We want to leave reality behind for a time and experience something other, which is why I love The Electric Cinema in Birmingham so very much. Rounding the [...]

This morning I have a little cartoon for you. It's all about something that's a hot topic for me at the moment. And something that's absolutely essential if you ever hope to connect with your customers and clients, build a trusting relationship, and build a profitable business. More importantly, though, it's something that's essential if [...]

I hate shopping for clothes. Hate it. And because I hate it, I tend to do it last minute, which makes the whole thing very stressful. However, I do love dressing up and having the odd new dress or trousers or splendid outfit. Mostly I live in jeans and tshirts and onesies and leggings. So [...]

I'm always on the lookout for great marketing and business ideas, and I found one the other day. It's beautiful in its simplicity, and I'll show you in a moment. This idea came from a friend of mine who's opening a new shop in Ludlow – pretty brave, because bricks and mortar retail ain't easy. [...]

I get mail… so I’m sharing it with you

As promised, I have a video for you this morning – I get a lot of direct mail and post, so I thought I'd share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly of a few recent pieces. You can watch the video here on YouTube. (Remember: sharing is ace, so if you found [...]