How to exit the town of Beans-Upon-Toast

You're waiting ages for a bus, then three of the stupid things turn up at once. Sometimes business is like that, right? Especially if you're a freelancer of some flavour.  Feast then famine, feast then famine, then – BAM – you've got indigestion. And a headache. And you find yourself rocking quietly in a corner, [...]

All that build-up – and the climax was distinctly anti-climactic. We've given literally weeks of our lives to these people.  Built a relationship with them, travelled through their ups and downs, had our hearts broken when they did... Then, right at the end, they let us down. I'm talking about a TV series box-set, of [...]

First advice is always KISS

I got loads of replies to my questions yesterday, thank you if you sent one in! John emailed me his answer, and I thought you might find it useful: "So you asked what my biggest business goal is for the next few months…. "Backstory: I had an epiphany on Friday with the help of a [...]

Why opinions are bad for business

This morning, I burst into tears. For a good reason, not a bad reason.  You see, sometimes I get mail. From people with Opinions. Mostly, I just ignore it, because most people are speaking from a position of relative ignorance when it comes to marketing, copywriting, and running a business. Which is fine; it's not [...]

Zuul is scary. How do I get past her?

I get emails. I mean, I send an email every day, so I'm bound to get some.  Some are lovely, one or two are vaguely abusive, and a fair few are questions. I try and answer short questions individually (but don't bother asking for free advice because it ain't gonna happen – that's not fair [...]

Are you in it for the long game…?

Around 1975, a man on the verge of homelessness was wandering the streets of New York, cold and desperate. He could barely feed his family.  He had a good education, a great work ethic, and a dream… but he couldn’t find work. Not the work he wanted. He was a writer, you see. One day, [...]

Location location location

As we walked into the parlour, we had to brush the hanging cobwebs away like curtains. It was like walking into a Dickens novel. I half-expected to see Miss Havisham sitting in a chair in the corner...  But what I saw instead was a very dead rat. About the size of a small pony. And [...]

How NOT to market on LinkedIn

This is a public service email. I don't check LinkedIn that often anymore because it seems to be morphing into another time-wasting Flakebook-style newsfeed mush, but I pop on there every now and then because I have ads running.    (The ads are doing better and better, by the way) A message was in my [...]

How to liberate a moose

When I arrived in a windy and drizzly Cork in December, I was greeted by name at the desk (there's service for you) and with a Christmas moose on my door!  Honestly, it's like coming home when I come to my Elite mastermind meeting. It's not just the very good friends I've made and love [...]

Covered in glitter and drinking gin

In one of the copywriting groups I lurk in on Flakebook, someone posted up some extracts from an email they'd received that morning. It made me smile and it made perfect sense...  But I don't think it went far enough. This chap started by saying that 80% of the battle is finding the right people [...]