"Take that frown and turn it upside down!" Said with manic Stepford-Wives glassy smile and empty eyes.  Just another meaningless platitude from people who can't cope with the real world. Well, here's my antidote to that: keep your frown and use it to power yourself to success. In a world filled with fake positivity and [...]

The exploding spider marketing plan

There were exploded spiders all over the page. They were supposed to be hands. A page full of hands doing different hand gestures. But they looked like exploded spiders. Have you ever tried to draw feet? Or hands? Or both? It's trickier than it looks. You end up with thumbs on the wrong side, strangely [...]

How to do self-love [new podcast]

Lying on my back, writhing blissfully... And suddenly my eyes fill with tears. WTF? This is supposed to be fun, and pleasurable, and generally delightful. And it is. (I was having a luxury pedicure, by the way. I don't know what you were thinking I was doing...) This was last week, and it was my [...]

Screaming sweet nothings into your ears

"You are not The One." Not special. Not magical.   Remember when the Oracle told Neo he wasn't The One in The Matrix? How crushed he was? Then remember how Neo went on to beat the machines in round 1? The Oracle didn't tell Neo what he wanted to hear. She wasn't whispering sweet nothings [...]

Your dirty little secret laid bare

"God, I'm such an idiot." "Why am I so crap at this?" "I'm so clumsy." "I'm such a muppet!" "Moron!" You'd never speak to anyone else this way, would you? So why do you think it's okay to speak to yourself that way? Yesterday, I woke up actually thinking to myself, "I'm a fucking idiot." [...]

Your accidental life [new podcast]

Picture this: it’s your funeral. Yeah, yeah, really cheery for a bank holiday Saturday, I know… but suck it up.  Imagine you died aged 105… and imagine what your life had been like. Did you achieve the stuff you wanted to? Did you do the things and see the places you wanted to see? Or [...]

The crazy hoarder guide to business

Ripe, juicy strawberries... in my face. That's what I'm thinking about today. Because any day now, 10 strawberry runners are going to arrive at The Dingle and I'm all prepared.  Yesterday, Joe and I tackled the tremendous pile of rubble and crap in the courtyard -- all the old attic floorboards and beams and assorted [...]

Get nekkid – make more moolah

Picture this: you're sitting at your desk, minding your own business, and your cleaner pushes the hoover past. With her buttcheeks bare to the world. Well, bare to your office, anyway.  Just when you think you've seen everything, a naked person turns up at your house and starts cleaning it for you. Yep: nude cleaning [...]

A ripple travelled over the buttcheek like a tsunami across a bay. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!  When did that happen? When did my smashing size 10 butt become flabby and -- dare I whisper it? -- droopy? "When you decided to eat all the cheese and not bother going running!" snarked the mean but honest little voice in [...]

Are you brave enough to strip yourself bare in front of your customers, clients, peers, and coaches? I'm not talking about actually getting nekkid (although don't let me stop you -- just don't get arrested).  One of my Superheroes has made a pretty bloody good start. I'm stepping up their training and pushing them out [...]

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