How to be happier 2: Name that emotion!

Winter is coming. As we slide inexorably towards short days and long, cold nights, I've decided to do a little mini series on how to be a little happier. You got post 1 on Tuesday – a happy day in and of itself – and today is post 2.  This is so simple it's silly. But first, let [...]

If you were in trouble, life-or-death trouble, what would you do? Anything to save your life, no matter how drastic it may seem? Or would you wait in comfort for the inevitable? Would you stick with the familiarity of the cockpit, or risk the parachute? If your business was in trouble, would you keep doing [...]

It's okay to make a profit. In fact it's a good thing. Even if you're following a vocation of some kind, or running a charity, or doing something that helps someone. Why?  Because if you don't make a profit, you can't run your business (or charity) and you can't help the people you want to. [...]

Deeply weird and terrifying

Sometimes I despair of people. People I actually choose to associate with. Why? Because of the utter stupidity they exhibit. Actually, no. It's not that they're stupid; they're not, I don't think. It's that engaging their brain for longer than 0.5 seconds is just too much trouble. It's that they can't be arsed to entertain [...]

I can’t get no sleep

Have you ever had insomnia? I used to suffer from it regularly. Every night, and it was awful. I understand, down to my bones, why sleep deprivation is an instrument of torture. It sends you mad – literally.  Last night, I couldn't sleep.  No real reason; there's nothing bothering me (I don't think). I hadn't [...]

Good things come to…

Every now and then someone asks me what they can do to grow their business, that won't cost them anything. Hell, there are people reading this blog post who go through their lives wanting something for nothing – there are a lot of people out there like that. They want something; they feel entitled to it; [...]

Why running is like writing

Do you run? I run. I quite like running, eventually... but it's a real struggle to drag myself out of the door and into the fields. Why?  Because it takes my body at least a mile, sometimes two, to realise that it's not going to talk me out of doing this. Which means the first [...]

Waking up in a cold sweat

It all started about three years ago. I’d been running my business for about a year, and I’d been doing alright thank you very much.  I was making more money than I had been before and I was enjoying myself. I was lucky enough to get a lot of referrals, so I didn’t have to go [...]

The myth of massive action

Do you ever listen to all the advice and information out there, and wonder what's wrong with you? (I'm not saying anything's wrong with you – bear with me here)  Because I do. Aside from all the shiny bullshitty "guru" stuff, I look at all these people shouting about "taking massive action" and it makes [...]

I was mooching on Facebook the other day, on a page dedicated to all things Warwick, when I came across a comment by a random chap: "I wish I could move back to Warwick, lived there 90% of my life but have been priced out of it and it makes me angry" Now, there could [...]