Why now is the best time to JFDI

It's a new day. The perfect time to JFDI. Here's the thing: most people dither. They faff. They worry. And so nothing of note really gets done. No progress is made. Stress levels rise.  Instead, how about this: just get on with it. As General Patton once said: "A good plan violently executed now is [...]

It’s too hot for elephant suits

So, the other morning it was about 23ºC here in the Shire. We went to parkrun as usual. Not as usual, I ran it in my elephant suit. Oof. It was pretty bloody warm. But I now feel like I deserve my Enormous Elephant Run medal and all the cash from the kind people who've [...]

It's true! One of the biggest threats to lions in Africa is people. Well, of course it's people – people are the only threat. Specifically, farmers. Because farmers keep cattle, cattle are their livelihoods – literally the difference between life and death for many people – and lions eat cows. Not very many cows, but [...]

Beware the marketing magpie syndrome

An email popped into my inbox this morning from a dude I know. He's like the marketing magician of the fitness industry and is astonishingly successful. Not in a "here's my new Porsche" way, but in an "actually getting shit done and building a strong business" way. Anyway, he was talking about zumba. Remember zumba? [...]

The freedom to do… ?

I've been jumping up and down in impatience over the past couple of weeks, because I'm itching to get started on refurbishing The Dingle. But I've also managed to fill up every weekend with things to do... then, when the weather is good, it seems a shame to waste it indoors.  Which means we've not [...]

The world isn't full of hate, you know. It just sometimes seems that way because that's what's reported in the media.  The media has its own agenda, and it isn't necessarily to portray the world the way it actually is. So here's my suggestion; it's short and sweet. Stop watching TV. Stop listening to the [...]

Would you say that to someone you loved?

"I'm an idiot." "I'm stupid." "I'm so lazy – I'm not getting enough done!"  "I'm boring." "I'm fat." "I'm ugly." "I'm weak." "I'm not good enough." We say awful things to ourselves, all the time. Things we'd never say to someone we loved. So why do we do it? Why do we treat ourselves so [...]

More than “just” a boxing legend

When most people think of Muhammed Ali – myself included – I reckon they remember his famous quote, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." I reckon they remember he was a loud-mouth heavyweight boxing champion who conquered the sporting world. And I reckon they remember he converted to Islam, changing his name from [...]

Today, I wanted to clear something up.  This running and marketing a business lark doesn't have to be complicated. It really doesn't. I think there are a lot of "gurus" and coaches out there who overcomplicate things – either deliberately, because if you confuse people you can sell them a solution, or just because they [...]

I was thinking about A Knight's Tale again yesterday, and how much it has to teach us about life and business and the important fusion of modern pop music with medieval tournament life.  There's one line in it that I love, a little exchange between William and his father, John Thatcher: "Can a man change [...]