Paul Bettany's bare bottom isn't my favourite thing about A Knight's Tale, but it's certainly a highlight.  That film is a very entertaining mini-masterclass in marketing – plus it's full of Heath Ledger, Alan Tudyk, and Mark Addy, all of whom are brilliant. The story, in a nutshell, is this: peasant always wanted to be [...]

I'm on Seth Godin's email list. Every day, I get a short, pithy observation or opinion on the world.  Some of them are brilliant. Seth is great at boiling down complicated ideas or feelings into simple analogies. Like the toddler strategy. Do you get upset if a two-year-old says something rude or mean to you? [...]

"Ooh, you're a <insert profession here>? Excellent! Can I buy you a coffee and pick your brains?"  How many times have you heard that? If you're in a similar industry to me, I'll wager you've heard it more than once. And I'll also wager that after the first time or two, your heart sinks. Because [...]

Did you play with LEGO as a child? Do you still play with LEGO now?? I used to love LEGO – still do – but I never really thought about the name.  The word LEGO is a portmanteau, created from blending the two Danish words "leg" and "godt", meaning "play well". Which is just about [...]

Are you doing the uncomfortable things?

"Why don't you go and join someone to make a team?" Just one short sentence and suggestion that turns me cold all over. Joe and I looked at each other, both thinking exactly the same thing: "But we're quite happy here, thank you!"  Instead, we nodded and caught the eye of another young-ish couple on [...]

So, we finally have broadband connected in The Dingle – which makes my life much easier. Any idea how tricksy and irritating it is to run a mostly online business without internet? I'll give you a clue: very. But do you know what? It was also liberating. I didn't get distracted by Facebook and the [...]

So, I said yesterday that I had a fab email from Ivan, who's in my Small Business Superheroes Inner Circle. A testament to the power of JFDI:  Hi Vicky I remember talking with you at the curry about targets and sales. I dug it out to see what I said then. £1.2 million I said. [...]

Here’s what taking action can do for YOU

Yesterday, I talked about putting barriers in front of yourself and creating your own restrictions – because they're the only real ones you face. The ones you create in your mind. Everything else is just an excuse (and yeah, I don't care if that "triggers" you, or whatever – it's true. I know when I'm [...]

I've just been sitting in my new garden while the chimney sweep does his sweeping. It was sunny and warm, and all I could hear was the birds singing and the odd clang from inside the house.  And I felt immensely peaceful, which is a pretty rare state of affairs for me. I'm very good [...]

Do you ever hear that old chestnut about how men are crap at multitasking and women are great at multitasking?  It's utter bobbins. Humans are crap at multitasking. In fact, there's no such thing: your brain can only focus on one thing at once. When you think you're doing two or even three things at [...]

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