I have the best husband. I know many people probably think that they do, but I actually do. Do you know how I know?  Because for my birthday this year (thirty-bloody-seven – however did that happen?) he got me THIS. Because The Dingle, where we've just moved to, has a little woodland. Anyway. Yay for Joe, [...]

I was going to write about something else this morning, but then an email landed in my inbox from James Clear.   (James Clear, by the way, is brilliant. His are among the few emails I actively sit down and READ. Then I save them and reread them, and sometimes they inspire me to write [...]

This week I've written a few emails about lack of time, overwhelm, and distraction because that's what people wrote and told me they were struggling with.  But, as with many challenges, it wasn't the time, overwhelm, and distraction that were the real problem. They were just the symptoms. The real problem, in almost all (if not [...]

Ask and ye shall receive

Here's a thought: how often do you ask for what you want? In life and in business? Not often enough, I'll wager.  I don't mean ask with an expectation to receive, as if you're entitled to it; I mean ask for the business or the favour or the thing you want or need. We Brits [...]

How would you know?

Here's a question for you – and I'd really like you to answer it, because I'm curious. Just leave a comment below, and tell me.   Imagine, while you're at home this weekend, there was a miracle at your office... and when you go in on Monday morning your business is perfect... how would you know? [...]

Greetings! I am Vicky, copywriter based on Mars!   You have a new website domain, but as yet your website is not up and running! Let us help you! We are a web developer, and web app maker, and we can help! Which is what I've been greeted with all weekend – and then a [...]

Eat beans on toast because you WANT them

Progress is painful. Do you know how I know that? Because the other day I linked three pole moves together that look ace...  ...but I have an epic brown bruise on my right thigh to show for it. I'll show you the moves in a mo'. But I wanted to point out some other things [...]

Look, I wasn't entirely honest with you yesterday. I do kinda hate Mondays.  But not because I hate my business (I do love my business), it's because they're so dreary. So mundane. Even when you've got something exciting to do, they're still Mondayish. And the worst thing of all? Joe has to work, so even [...]

Only do what only you can do

I don't always take my own advice. For example: I'm often advising my Inner Circle Superheroes, my friends, my clients to outsource as much as they can. To only do what only they can do.  Which is very good advice. I should really listen to myself. The problem is, though, that I'm interested in almost [...]

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