The 10 commandments of landing pages

Nobody wants to make a crash landing in unfamiliar and hostile territory when they’re travelling. It’s the same when they’re using the web.   So you have to make sure the most important pages on your website are doing a good job. But which are the most important pages on your website, you may be wondering? Well, [...]


I have a confession to make. Not a big one, but a confession nonetheless. You see, I reckon your goal on most of your webpages should be to capture people's information. Definitely their first name and email address, but if possible their physical address and phone number too.  I always advise people to ask often, [...]

I had a whole blog post planned about a duck today, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow. Because my friend Jo sent me a much more instructive – and funny – story about a pretentious dickhead.  So let's get into that this morning. (Jo and Todd write a "cool and funny stuff on social media" [...]

So, that photographer's website I sent you to look at the other day? This one? Well, a friend of mine had more of a nose around in it and noticed something missing. Something very important indeed.  I'm glad he pointed it out and asked me what I thought... He said: "I loved that photographer's website you linked [...]

Yes, but what does it need to DO?

When I worked at The Worst Job In The WorldTM, one of my jobs was to sort out the new company webshite. Uh, website. Sorry.  Inevitably, there were loads of pointless meetings and a ton of uninformed opinions. I remember one of the people who worked there sent me a link to, and I quote, [...]

What impression is your contact page giving off? Is it encouraging and welcoming, forceful even? Does it have people falling over themselves to get in touch? Or does it push people away? If someone has clicked through to your contact page, they’ve told you they’re interested in what you’re offering. So you’d better make it [...]

What’s it all about then?

Your about page. According to some sources, it’s the least visited page on a website. According to other sources, it’s the most visited page on a website. Frankly, I couldn’t care who’s right and who’s wrong, because in direct response marketing terms it really doesn’t matter. If you’re doing the ad campaign – landing page [...]

Welcome to my homepage AARGH

May I ask you a favour? Please don’t put ‘Welcome to our website’ on your homepage. Honestly, I see that on so many homepages and just think, “Really? Is that the best you can come up with?”  Let’s start at the beginning. What’s the purpose of your homepage? … But the correct answer is: The [...]