Waking up in a cold sweat

It all started about three years ago. I’d been running my business for about a year, and I’d been doing alright thank you very much.  I was making more money than I had been before and I was enjoying myself. I was lucky enough to get a lot of referrals, so I didn’t have to go [...]

How to fail at recruitment

Someone pointed out this job ad to me the other day: It's on LinkedIn. (And now everywhere on the internet, too.) And it's all the stupid. To start with, it's a crap job ad. One of the things I do really well is write great job ads that attract top-notch people. To be fair to [...]

The first half of the battle is getting your head in the right place. Mindsets. Perceptions. Not any of that motivational bobbins the self-help goo-roos shriek about, with primal screams and that kinda stuff. I mean, if that's your bag, no problem. Go scream in the woods (just spare a thought for the poor squirrels).  [...]

Deeply weird and terrifying

Sometimes I despair of people. People I actually choose to associate with. Why? Because of the utter stupidity they exhibit. Actually, no. It's not that they're stupid; they're not, I don't think. It's that engaging their brain for longer than 0.5 seconds is just too much trouble. It's that they can't be arsed to entertain [...]

Let’s start this blog post with something profound. Something that will be the foundation of everything else you do with your marketing and copywriting. Let’s start with the most important question in the universe. Why? I don’t mean, why start with that. I mean that the most important question of all is “WHY?” That’s not [...]